Welcome To Maria Cruz Designs!

If you've been to this site before you'll notice the name has changed.  But don't worry, it's still the same company, delivering accessible, attractive and affordable websites.

Build a new online presence to increase clientele, or give your old site a pick-me-up

Your website is your online image, so put your best foot forward.  At Maria Cruz Designs (formerly CyberWave Web Design), a website has to do three things:

  • Look and feel great
  • Be accessible and user-friendly for everyone
  • Comply with accessibility and other web standards

A website is a great way to get noticed online, whether you've just started a business or you've had one for a while and want more people to know you're out there.  If you already have a website but want to update it, I can redesign your site, or act as a consultant and tell you how to make your site more user-friendly and standards-compliant.  So take a look around and see what Maria Cruz Designs can do for you.